Candidate Statements for USAC Elections


1.     Arielle Yael Mokhtarzadeh

Leadership without purpose is without direction.

For three years, I’ve worked to explore my purpose and earn the title of “student leader.” In my first year, I learned the importance of advocating for myself and my community as a leader in the Jewish and Israel communities. During second year, I recognized the power of shared governance and students’ responsibility to set the trajectory of their institutions as Chief of Staff of UC Student Regent and Undergraduate Representative on the ASUCLA S&E Board of Directors. In my third year, I empowered the next generation of activists and organizers as co-Chief of Staff in the EVP Office.

For three years, I’ve experienced firsthand the power of student advocacy and the danger of student apathy. I know that in the coming year it’s not only possible to empower, amplify, and unite the student body, it’s necessary.

We must be cognizant of the walls that exist on this campus -- those built for us and those built by ourselves -- and commit ourselves to tearing them down, together.

As your next USAC President,

I pledge to prioritize people over policy and policy over personality.

I pledge to lead our campus away from the politics of division and cynicism, toward a politic of unity and opportunity.

I pledge to work to unite our student body, not in spite of our differences, but because of them.

My name is Arielle Yael Mokhtarzadeh, I am your next USAC President, and we are stronger when we’re bruins united.


Internal Vice-President (IVP)

1.     Neha Quraishi

Hi Bruins! My name is Neha Quraishi and I’m your Bruins United Internal Vice President candidate!

I have been with this office for the past three years, helping it grow and flourish. But my work is not done. I hope to look back and truly be able to say that I have made visible change on this campus and that every student is better informed, connected, and equipped to be successful. To accomplish this, I will be your Eyes. Voice. Passion.

1. U-See-USAC:

I will be YOUR eyes: keeping you informed through bi-weekly, Bylaw-mandated, USAC updates. Together, we will keep our USAC officers accountable to their goals and campaign promises.

2. Council Connect:

I will be YOUR voice: allowing you to voice your opinions through quarterly USAC forums, making YOUR vision for this campus a reality. This quarterly event will foster communication and interactivity between student organizations and council members, while simultaneously allowing opportunities for collaboration.

3. IVPhund

I will be YOUR passion: equipping you and your organizations with an alternative funding source allowing to make YOUR passions come to life through events and programs. The IVPhund will provide a simple process to secure funding for commonly unfunded items, making your student organization experience better!

As the only candidate who has previous experience in the Internal Vice-President’s office, I will successfully execute my platforms and be YOUR eyes, voice, and passion.
To learn more, visit and vote Neha Quraishi for YOUR next Internal Vice President!

2. Vivy Li

Hi Bruins!

As a future liaison of all student groups, the USAC council and UCLA faculties, my main goal is to establish simpler systems for student groups, increase USAC efficiency, and build stronger connection for all UCLA students. My agenda includes:

Facilitate Activities for Student Groups:

-Build a new USAC IVP website that connects all information of ASUCLA Events Office, Kerckhoff Events Office, the SOLE Office, and offices on the hill to benefit current and future student group signatories.

-Offer explicit step-by-step instructions that guide student groups to book meeting rooms, event venues, and apply for funds.

-Adjust policies to groups of all sizes.

-Simplify the funding applications.

Establish the IVP Complaint Box:

-Designate the IVP office to receive campus issues and complaints to make USAC more accessible, assimilating voices from all students.

-Welcome all complaints against USAC filed directly to the IVP Office.

Make Every Student’s Life Easier:

-Create a new, advanced mobile App that is inclusive of all aspects of student life at UCLA.

-Boost internet connections on campus.

As one of the reservationists in the ASUCLA Event Office, I help student groups book meeting rooms and plan events, constantly answering questions. Also, a signatory myself, I applied to various funding, went to all hearings, and completed the requisition forms. I hear the complaints from student groups, faculties, and staff; I feel the stress of student group leaders; I understand the struggles under the current system. I am among you, and I am here to serve you.


External Vice-President (eVP)

1.     Chloe Pan

My name is Chloe Pan and I’m a third year International Development Studies and Asian American Studies double major. As a first-generation immigrant who grew up in metropolitan Detroit, issues of systemic inequality have been deeply personal to me. I’m running to be your next External Vice President because we have no time to waste. In a time in which communities are continuously under attack, we must ensure that we are protecting and uplifting marginalized voices by holding USAC accountable to the communities it was created to serve.

I fundamentally believe that students should not have to worry about when their next meal will be, whether they have a bed to sleep in at night, or if it’s safe for them to step onto our campus. Whether advocating for juvenile justice at the White House, lobbying on immigration reform in Congress, organizing for college affordability on our campus, or protesting at a Regents meeting, I’ve developed the experience to know what it means to fight for progressive change and to never settle for the status quo.

I will shape the EVP office into one that unapologetically and unabashedly prioritizes student needs — not just when it’s convenient or easy. This why I’m running: to resist, insist, and persist to ensure that each and every Bruin is not just living, but thriving, and to make sure that every Bruin can feel at home at UCLA.


2.    Sophie Butler

What’s up Bruins! My name is Sophie Butler and I am your Bruins United candidate for External Vice President!

The state of our government and my lobbying experience have taught me that now more than ever students must stand up and fight for the causes we support. As your next External Vice President, I want to teach students how to utilize the tools necessary to have their voices heard. After working as a New Student Advisor for over two years, I’ve learned from thousands of students across the world, each who have their own unique narratives. It is these students who I now want to advocate for as your next External Vice President.

Locally Sourced

Provide ways for students to get involved with local political issues through a bussing service and phone-banking events

Teach students about important issues through a speaker series and legislative database

Work from School

Advocate for a better work study program to accommodate the needs of students

Push for fair and equal wages for all types of student workers

Bruin Health

Amend the UC policy on health topics including providing birth control to students without prescriptions

Increase funding for counseling services


New Student Advisor, UCLA New Student and Transition Program

Class Planning Advisory Board, UCLA Academic Affairs Commission

Student Worker, Kerckhoff Coffee House

Director of Sustainability, USAC Facilities Commission

Lobbying participant, USAC External Vice President

To learn more, visit and vote Sophie Butler for YOUR next External Vice President!


3. Jack Price

Each undergraduate is billed roughly $217 to fund our student government. $217 – that’s a month of groceries, a year of laundry. Are you getting a month of groceries back?

SET THE BEST PRICE: Students have a right to know if we’re getting what we pay for, and shouldn’t have to wade through a 404-page budget report to find out. Our EVP office will cut dead weight and return any budget surplus as food and housing security scholarships to help students who can’t afford to wait for the political process. We’ll send out weekly reports, telling students how much we’re spending, on what, and if it worked. Transparency is key.

BRING THE LOBBY TO BRUIN WALK: We’ll listen at weekly meetings to groups typically underrepresented by USAC, then use our resources to pinpoint bills, departments, or nonprofits that help their interests. We’ll lower barriers to advocacy, and bring in elected officials to meet with students in town halls, and with groups and coalitions in public meetings.

CALL ON TO CALL OUT: Once we’ve identified crucial policies and outside groups, the EVP will Call on every Bruin to Call Out our elected officials – by sending weekly reports on selected policies to every group and student. We’ll enlist every student’s voice by setting up a weekly phone bank on Bruin Walk.

PROTECT OUR BRUINS: We’ll focus on strengthening our community by finding policies that empower and Protect our most vulnerable Bruins, enacting them on-campus, and demanding them in the halls of power.


general representatives

1. Kayla He

Hello Bruins! My name is Kayla He and I am running for General Representative with Bruins United.

As a first year international student, I have taken the initiative to step out of my comfort zone and learn about the pressing issues affecting students at UCLA. In this past year, I have been involved in USAC President’s Committee of International Relations, as the Chair Assistant for International Student Leadership Coalition, as a reporter for the Bruin Newsroom, as an intern for the Bruin Consent Coalition, and as an Education Committee member for Active Minds at UCLA.

As your next General Representative, I will implement innovative, integrative, and fun programs to expand the definition of inclusion towards international students, to promote body positivity, and to personalize individual students’ educational experiences:

Integration of International Students

- Dinner for Globalization; food sharing, language learning, culture exploring events for domestic and international students.

- Cultural assemblies such as Global Karaoke Night

- Collaboration with Dashew Center; a mentorship pairing between an international and a domestic student based on mutual students organizations

Operation Beautiful

- Fashion Show to increase physical self-esteem for general UCLA population

- “You Are Beautiful” campaign; Positive body messages on bathroom mirrors and other public areas on campus

- Deconstructing beauty stereotypes and misconceptions

I Am More Than My GPA

- Quarterly Academic Department Recognition RISE showcasing individual students’ accomplishments

- Breaking North/Campus campus stereotypes as well as amongst racial groups
To learn more, visit and vote Kayla He as YOUR next General Representative!


2.    Celina Avalos

Hi Bruins, my name is Celina Avalos and I am running to be your next General Representative!

As your General Representative, my mission is to focus on the following platforms that reflect a vision of; Service, Empowerment and Activism.

UGLA - U Give LA

- Launching an initiative that gives back to students suffering from food and housing insecurity by hosting “pack-a-box” initiatives that provides these students with basic necessities such as; clothes, blankets, shoes, food gift-cards and warm letters of encouragement AND by hosting free Meal Monday’s for all Bruins who spend their entire day on campus.

sHEROES Campaign

-Represent womxn from all backgrounds by launching a “sHEROES” campaign that focuses on intersectionality, issues surrounding WoC, and empowering one another.

-sHEROES take action -- an initiative encouraging womxn to come together and become activists by calling, writing, posting online to local representatives in regards to specific bills or actions that are affecting womxn. Additionally, weekly meetings will be hosted to encourage womxn to speak their mind, unite and create change.

Womxn in our Lives -- a social media campaign which focuses on highlighting womxn of color who have inspired us


- Support the undocumented community by starting a Sponsor-a-student initiative that provides undocumented students that are qualified for DACA but don’t have the means necessary to pay for the costly application a sponsor/scholarship that will cover all or half of the cost of the DACA application.
I am ready to rise, represent and unite the student body because; #SíProgress, #SíYourself, #SíCelina


3. Nicole Corona Diaz

The Trump administration has directly threatened members of the UCLA community including undocumented students, international students, Muslim students, and students in our LGBTQ community. Frustrated with the school administration’s inaction, especially in their shortcomings to establish UCLA as a sanctuary campus, has emboldened me to undertake a leadership role and actively work to implement the changes we want to see on campus. By failing to define what a sanctuary campus means, and failing to state what steps UCLA will take to protect undocumented students from potential ICE raids, does not resolve the problem. As an undocumented student, I can attest from personal experience that merely offering “emotional support” to students, will do little to alleviate our worries. UCLA is not a bubble; the federal government's actions have a direct impact on our campus. Given the weight the name UCLA carries, it is imperative that the student body at UCLA is at the forefront of this social movement; we have to protect and fight for the rights of our fellow bruins and the communities they belong to. Join the Defend Affirmative Action Party (DAAP) in organizing student and community defense guard networks to prevent and stop ICE raids, arrests and deportations. When UCLA acts, the world listens. Through DAAP, I pledge to work in increasing minority enrollment, expanding resources for low income and undocumented students, and guiding our student body in building an independent social movement representative of ALL. Join the movement, vote DAAP!


4. Justin Jackson

Hey Bruins! I’m Justin Jackson and am ready to serve as your next General Representative with Bruins United!

Serving the students at this university is not new to me. As the Internal Vice President of the On-Campus Housing Council, I worked tirelessly to represent the 13,000 residents on the Hill. As a member of the USAC Internal Vice President’s office, I expanded my service to student body and am just getting started!


K(no)w Rights! K(no)w Self!

With the current political climate, students deserve to know their rights whether it be in regards to peaceful protests, interactions with the police/authority figures, or tenant rights. This multi-pronged campaign will provide students resources and connections to know their rights to know themselves.

From Kerckhoff to the Hill

With an abundance of resources on campus, a bridge between the governing bodies of USAC and the On-Campus Housing Council will enhance student services that we provide. Cross-communication and collaboration, whether it be through ex-officio USAC appointees in OCHC or co-programming between the entities, will engage more students efficiently.

Homelessness Awareness Campaign

My office will shine a light on the silent population of UCLA students that are homeless; highlighting the different appearances of housing insecurity here. Through this campaign I hope to gain the attention of administrators to facilitate change.

I am ready to serve all of you as YOUR next General Representative.
To learn more, visit and vote for Justin Jackson as YOUR next General Representative.




5. Gustavo Gonzalez-Ramos

The storm we face under Donald Trump encompasses a threat to numerous minorities involving the LGBTQ community, undocumented students, Muslims, and any individual coming to America. It’s outraging, but it’s easier to express feelings of discontent and discouragement than to fight against the current powers at play. Coming from an immigrant family, I have lived in fear for family and friends who don’t have the same opportunities that I have been granted here, simply because I was born here. If you live here, work here, attend school here, you should the same rights as US citizens. Injustice exists in education, as a friend of mine at LACC had her financial aid revoked since she is not a DACA recipient. ICE has unjustly expanded their power, as they have deported and separated numerous families. In our current situation, it is in our power to rise up against the current political system. I am running because I believe we can no longer remain on the sidelines and wait for other individuals to fight for us, but in the power that we hold and the fight we must start ourselves. UCLA’s well-renowned name needs to be a representation of defense and unity for all individuals. Through my involvement, I aim to become more than a voice, but an agent of change in creating a sanctuary campus for undocumented students, minority students, and all individuals on campus. Join the movement in creating defense networks to stop ICE raids, arrests, and deportations; vote DAAP.


Academic affairs commissioner (AAC)

1.     Emma Zawacki

Hi Bruins! My name is Emma Zawacki, and I am your Bruins United candidate for Academic Affairs Commissioner!

I understand the necessity of student prioritization in academic affairs firsthand and am the most qualified candidate to lead this charge.

As the current Academic Advocacy Director in the USAC Office of the President and as a New Student Advisor, I have collaborated with faculty and administrators to streamline academic resources and respond to student concerns. As the Director of Affordability in the External Vice President’s Office, I have led the implementation of the new Fund the UC campaign and traveled to Washington, D.C. and Sacramento to advocate for higher education affordability, intertwined with the access, retention and quality of our university.

I plan to build on this work through my platforms:

Bruins Just Wanna Have Funds:

-Advocate for sustainable funding sources and expansion of student financial aid on a state and federal level

-Reinstate lobby corps to foster student coalition building as well as external advocacy efforts

Class Clarity:

-Institutionalize a connection to improve transparency of enrollment process and communication of class expectations between departments and students

-Develop specialized course planning materials and workshops

Coffee & FaculTea

-Establish a long-term program involving casual meetings over coffee between small groups of students and faculty to facilitate student-faculty relationships and collaboration

Academics shouldn’t just bring us here; they should keep us here.
To learn more, visit and vote Emma Zawacki for YOUR next Academic Affairs Commissioner!


2.  Divya Sharma

Hello Bruins. My name is Divya Sharma and I am your independent candidate for Academic Affairs Commissioner.

This past year, I have served as your USAC Transfer Student Representative. In doing so, we have given 36 parking permits per year to previously denied commuting students, created a $4000 scholarship program, and have advocated for housing and accessibility for the greater Bruin Community.

What we have done is create a culture of collaboration with different entities and organizations on campus to ensure the academic and financial well-being for Bruins.

Having been a council member this past year, I understand the need for connectivity on campus and I will maximize what I have done in the Transfer Student Representative office for students who need it the most. As your next Academic Affairs Commissioner, I will continue this legacy of hard work, dedication, and distinct results to create a campus culture that puts students first.

As your next Academic Affairs Commissioner I will implement:

Sanctuary Campus- which ensures, the protection of undocumented students and workers, the removal of sexual assaulters, and the mobilization against unethical government practices (i.e. No Ban, No Wall, No Registry)

Inside-Out Study Space - The creation of resource study spaces that will be utilized outdoors and indoors to house resources for students in a centralized areas.
Bruincast It! - An initiative to ensure that more lectures are Bruincasted for a more accessible classroom experience.


Campus events commissioner (cec)

1. Nedda Saidian

Hello fellow Bruins, my name is Nedda Saidian and I am a candidate for Campus Events Commissioner.

I have been a member of CEC since my sophomore year and during my time on the commission I have worked under the Public Relations Staff. As a PR staff member I have played a role in fostering and perpetuating the image of CEC and have truly grown to love everything that the commission stands for and aims to create for UCLA students.

As commissioner I hope to execute the following:

- Increase the presence and awareness of CEC as a commission on campus through larger marketing campaigns, and creating a more diverse pool of events that appeal to a larger part of our student body.

- Establish a spring concert similar but smaller in scale to Bruin Bash in order to compensate for our inability to accommodate every student due to capacity restraints during the concert portion of Bruin Bash.

- Have events in a greater variety of locations on campus and during different days of the week in order to expand our outreach to all students unique situations and schedules.

I look forward to the opportunity of implementing said ideas.


community service commissioner (cSC)

1. Adriana Hardwicke

Hey Bruins! My name is Adriana Hardwicke and I am really excited to be running for the position of Community Service Commissioner. I have served as a CSC Director and as a member of one of CSC’s service projects since my freshman year, providing me with extensive experience and familiarity with the internal functioning of our office. This knowledge about CSC, as well as my experience with community service both on and off campus, has prepared me to lead our office in connecting our undergraduate population to service.

As your next Community Service Commissioner, I plan on working towards the following goals:

- Partner with other campus and service entities to connect more students to service.

- Develop opportunities for engagement of first year and transfer students in service.

- Provide sustainable scholarship opportunities for students involved in service.

- Connect service to long term civic engagement for student volunteers.

I truly look forward to working to ensure that CSC continues to provide students with opportunities to learn about and engage with social issues through community service in order to bring about positive change in our Los Angeles community.


Cultural affairs commissioner (caC)

1. Malik Flournoy-Hooker

Greetings Bruins! My name is Malik D. Flournoy-Hooker and I am your Cultural Affairs Commissioner.

This year I was able to participate in CAC on a deeper level through joining The Word my first quarter at UCLA. As an organization that was sprouted from the roots of the Afrikan Student Union over 50 years ago, I continue to believe that CAC is a space that has allowed my intersectional identity to freely exist. Attending Word on Wednesdays my first quarter was one of the best decisions I have made, allowing me to observe how the space functions as a platform that accounts for marginalized narratives. This ultimately prompted me to apply to the Commission. Through my work within the CAC, I have grown to perceive the purpose of the Commission as allowing folks to come and exchange narratives from diverse cultures that exist on this campus.

Being a Black, queer man raised by a single-mother in Stockton, CA, a city listed as 1 of 10 of the most dangerous cities to UCLA, I have had the opportunity to develop a strong appreciation for the community in Stockton that raised me and highlighted the importance of visibility. Through CAC I sought and will continue to seek to increase the visibility of the narratives that are oftentimes silenced. By providing events that promote diversity and inclusion I hope that more students are able to find their love for the Commission and find a space to utilize their voice.


Facilities Commissioner (FC)

1. Zahra Hajee

Hey Bruins! My name is Zahra Hajee and I am running to be your next Facilities Commissioner.

At UCLA I’ve learned the importance of strengthening community through structural change. Through my experiences as a Resident Assistant, and actualizing a culture of safety as a Director of this year’s Facilities Commission, I have the passion and vision to take the office one step further.

Know Thy Safety

-Organize Bystander Intervention Programming to educate students on how to effectively respond to hate crimes

-Improve emergency communication systems between administration and students; provide creative solutions to distribute preparedness information

Rain Drop, Drop Stop

-Identify and improve campus utilities to reduce water waste

-Organize educational initiatives to promote water conservation techniques in different areas of campus


-Through “Blank Space”, collaborate with administrative stakeholders to map out underutilized outdoor spaces

-Assure that students have a stake in determining the types of spaces that would improve our campus built environment


-Develop a campus engagement team to promote direct communication with student communities and identify issues with campus infrastructure

-Regularly consolidate data collected through an online interface that is public to students, groups, and other offices

-Move beyond transparency to ensure that USAC is in active conversation with the students it serves

Safety, student resources, UCLA’s commitment to sustainability, and platforms for marginalized communities don’t exist in isolation. I plan to integrate fundamental aspects of student life through initiatives that ensure USAC remains a facility for students.


Financial supports Commissioner (FsC)

1. Aaron Boudaie

Aaron Boudaie, Financial Supports Commissioner.png

What’s up Bruins! My name is Aaron Boudaie and I’m running to be your next Financial Supports Commissioner with Bruins United!

I am Bruin born and bred - my mom is a Bruin (class of 1992!) and I was born five years later at UCLA Hospital. UCLA IS my dream school and I'm still in awe of all UCLA has to offer. Yet, UCLA is not perfect and financial issues plague the Bruin experience. I want to take action.

I've been afforded invaluable experience engaging directly with both our state and federal government through my work with Assemblyman Richard Bloom and Congressmen Ted Lieu, on Kamala Harris' campaign for Senate, and in multiple advocacy trips to Sacramento and D.C. As the current Chief of Staff of the Financial Supports Commission, I'm the most prepared and passionate candidate to be YOUR financial advocate next year bringing you:

Bruins for Affordability

- Quarterly campaigns empowering students to advocate for the affordability issues that matter to them most, on issues ranging from Pell Grants to housing subsidies.

Keys to Personal Finance

- Informative, engaging speaker and video series delving into topics within banking, credit, taxes, loans, and retirement to increase campus financial literacy.

Parking Advocacy Task Force

- Task force dedicated to fighting for more, affordable parking on campus and in the Village, and other commuter options.

Together, let's make financial literacy and affordability priorities at UCLA. Check out my ideas at and vote Aaron Boudaie for YOUR next Financial Supports Commissioner!


student wellness Commissioner (swC)

1. Christina Lee

Hi Bruins! My name is Christina Lee and for the past 3 years, I have been allowed the opportunity to grow with a commission that gave me my family. I seek a second term to continue to give back and advocate for student health and wellness. Through SWC’s 12 committees we are able to provide the campus with over 100 events every year, in addition to nationally recognized campaigns, our philanthropy, and advocacy efforts on campus.

This year I hoped to further develop our Student Health Network, a coalition of non-USAC student health organizations. SHN has grown and retained more organizations than ever before. I also hoped to encourage students to prioritize their mental health— SWC has been able to respond to events on campus where we found resources lacking. SWC has also been at the forefront in making UCLA the first UC to offer free menstrual hygiene products, now available at Ashe and the LGBT Center.

The work that we have started is not done. As your next Student Wellness Commissioner, I hope to achieve the following initiatives, while continuing SWC’s 50 year plus legacy and flagship programs:

-Creating a new SWC committee to address hygiene and basic needs of students

-Incorporating data, such as from the 2016 National College Health Assessment, for evidence-based programming

-Working with departments to equip faculty to more competently and sensitively respond to campus events and a wider range of student needs

-Continuing to expand the availability of free menstrual hygiene products



Transfer student representative (tsr)

1. Sayron Stokes

Reform the application process for research opportunities on campus to be more conducive to the acclimation of recently admitted transfer students. I intend on implementing an efficient information sharing system that exposes and informs transfer students to research opportunities, resources, and mentorship immediately after they submit their statement of intent to register form. Ultimately, the aforementioned measures will increase transfer students’ awareness, readiness, and competitiveness for research programs, scholarships, and fellowships on campus.

Want to expand upon the legacy of the TRC office by intensifying the advocacy effort for transfer students to have more grant aid funding available and accessible. In addition, Work with admissions to ensure that the incoming transfer student application deadline is completely solidified and determined before the actual application process begins.

Work diligently to foster a more career-oriented and supportive atmosphere for transfer students by initiating a transfer alumni networking event and web portal that enables transfer students to establish networking and mentorship circles.

More transparent and timely application process and decision notification from UCLA housing so transfer students will have ample time to secure additional housing options off campus, if need be. I will work with ResLife to address housing insecurity by improving upon the lottery system so that it will be more responsive and inclusive to underrepresented and underserved students.

Diligently work to foster a resourceful relationship with mother organizations to interactively generate a climate that is inclusive and cognizant to the immediate needs, situations, and merit of all transfer students on campus.


2. Ashraf Beshay

Hi Bruins! My name is Ashraf Beshay and I am YOUR Bruins United candidate for Transfer Student Representative!

Advocating to fund student services needed like the Veteran/Transfer center as Vice Chairperson of the Student Fee Advisory Committee, and developing a more interactive fund model for students in order to be more in tune with student experiences and needs has provided me with the experience to represent the student voice and create lasting change.

As your next Transfer representative, I will work on the following:

Handling Housing-- Secure housing for transfer students will be addressed with a three pronged approach: I will advocate for two year guaranteed housing for transfers, move up the date housing lottery results are announced when housing is not guaranteed, and consolidate housing data to make the search for off-campus housing easier.

Find Your Way, Elevate Your Voice-- Create more resources for transfer Bruins who live on campus by expanding Show Me the Ropes and establishing an advisory board within the Transfer Representative office to provide transfers with the resources to Take the Reins in their UCLA experience. Emphasizing the diversity within Transfer Pride Week will display the Intersectional Voices within the transfer community.

Stay STEM-- Transitioning into the academic rigor at UCLA is difficult, specifically for transfer STEM majors. Providing academic support within the new Transfer Center will create resources for transfers to continue their academic success at UCLA.
To learn more, visit and vote Ashraf Beshay as YOUR next Transfer Student Representative!