Slate Registration Form

Due March 4 by 12 noon

Guidelines on Slate Names

  • If the Election Board Chair determines that the names of two slates are similar enough to confuse the voters, the slate name registered at the earliest date shall retain the name, and the other slate shall choose another.
  • No slate may include as a part of its name, the name of, or reference to, any student, faculty, or staff of UCLA without presenting the express written permission of that person, nor may it include, or reference, the name of any registered student group or organization without the permission of at least two signatories of that group. This item shall not be construed to protect a group whose formation post-dates that of an accused slate.
  • Furthermore, in the case of slates based on incidental grouping, including, but not limited to, a Residence Hall, or Academic Department, a signatory may be compelled to relinquish his or her control of the slate if it can be shown before the Judicial Council that the slate does not exist at the behest of the two ore more members of that grouping. The intent of this clause is to prevent “Party Hijacking”, or the registration of a party name by an outside person or group, in order to prevent a constituency from effectively organizing a slate.
  • In the event that a person is compelled to relinquish his or her status as party signatory by this process, the party in question shall cease to exist, and the slate name may be claimed as a new slate.
  • Slate Signatory must attend the mandatory Candidates Meeting at [Date and location TBA].
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Signatory Name
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