UCLA USAC Endorsements Hearing Question Proposal Form 2017

After Endorsements Orientation, the Designated Student Group Representative may fill out this form to submit possible questions to ask candidates at the Endorsements Hearing. Questions submitted will be pre-screened and approved by the Endorsements Committee of the USAC Election Board.

Student groups are required to submit their questions through this form by Friday, April 14th, 2017 at 5 PM (Any questions submitted after this deadline will not be considered).

This is the person that will be attending the Endorsements Hearing to question the candidates and referenda representatives. This should be the same name as the "Designated Endorsements Hearing Representative" listed on the Student Group Empowerment Form.
Please number the questions so that we can easily identify them. Questions must be formally written and relevant to a candidate's platform. Questions deemed inappropriate will not be approved. If a question is not approved, you may be contacted to rephrase your question and resubmit it for approval via email.