UCLA USAC Endorsements Substitution Form 2017

The Endorsements Substitution Form is our record of approved substitutions in the Endorsements Hearing. This form is optional and you only need to submit the Endorsements Substitution Form if you cannot attend the Endorsements Hearing in its entirety and must have someone represent your student group in your absence. This form is due Sunday, April 16th at 11:59 PM. Any forms submitted after this will not be considered.

One representative must be present (and checked in) at the Endorsements Hearing from the start to the end of the program in order for your Endorsements Slip to be considered valid.

Note: You do not need to stay for the Meet the Candidates Event in order for your Endorsements Slip to be considered legitimate.

If you think you may need to have someone available to take your place at the Endorsements Hearing, submitting this Endorsements Substitution Form will prepare you for that scenario.

Remember, this form is optional.

Note: This is the person that will be attending the Endorsements Hearing to question the candidates and referenda representatives. This should be the same name as the "Designated Endorsements Hearing Representative" listed on the Student Group Empowerment Form.
Student Group Substitute(s) for Endorsements Hearing
Student Organizations are limited to two substitutes each.