UCLA USAC Student Organization Endorsements Slip 2017

After the Endorsements Hearing has concluded, the groups will fill out and submit this “Endorsements Slip,” which will indicate the candidate for each position that the student group has chosen to endorse. Groups may only endorse a candidate if their Designated Student Group Representative was in attendance at the hearing for that candidate’s office.

Endorsement Slips for this election will be due online by Tuesday, April 25th at 12 PM.

Once the groups are all accounted for, a finalized list of endorsements will be submitted to be displayed in the Daily Bruin.

Please note: if the student group does not desire to endorse a candidate for a particular position, please select "No Endorsement."

This is the person that participated in the Endorsements Hearing by questioning the candidates and referenda representatives. This should be the same name as the Designated Student Group Representative listed on the Student Group Empowerment Form.
As given at the Endorsements Orientation. Note: each code is unique to the Student Group and is required in order to endorse candidates. This is done to ensure a fair endorsements process.
President *
Internal Vice President (IVP) *
External Vice President (EVP) *
General Representatives *
Organizations may only pick up to 3 candidates to endorse. If your organization picks more than 3 candidates, then all of your endorsements for General Representative will be invalidated.
Academic Affairs Commissioner (AAC) *
Campus Events Commissioner (CEC) *
Community Service Commissioner (CSC) *
Cultural Affairs Commissioner (CAC) *
Facilities Commissioner (FC) *
Financial Support Commissioner (FSC) *
Student Wellness Commissioner (SWC) *
Transfer Student Representative *